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Wear Weather

1 usd

A simple to use weather Watch! Touch "Weather" and get current conditions. Touch continue and get your future forecast. Touch "Watch" and customize the background colors. Touch "1224" and change the overall settings to 12 or 24 hour time. Touch "FC" and change overall settings to Fahrenheit or Celsius. Wind Chill changes to Heat index when the weather gets warmer and back to wind chill when it is colder, automatically. Battery icons flash when battery levels reach 20% and the level numbers flash when levels are at 10%. Choice of Yahoo or OpenWeatherMap for your Weather provider. ***Note*** You must use WatchMaker to use this watch face. It is available in Google Play.In WatchMaker use Fahrenheit settings and No override in time settings (Let the Watch do it for you). This watchface is designed for round face watches. It will not work on square face watches. I plan to release a version for those. Thank you!